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Global crowd safety magazine, aiming to be the world-wide voice of the crowd safety industry.

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Welcome to The Crowd Magazine

When you go looking for a source of news and information on the International crowd safety industry – you may draw a blank.

You’ll certainly find regional websites, sites dedicated to specific areas of crowd safety, or sites which are infrequently updated – but up until now there hasn’t been a single International source that really represents the industry as a whole from a wide range of sources.  This is where The Crowd Magazine comes in!

It all started with a great idea…

The idea came about during conversations during the Crowd Safety Conference which took place back in November 2018. Frustrated with the lack of industry representation, crowd safety expert Andy Hollinson decided to team-up with Rebecca Baker, Head of Marketing at The Square Metre Ltd, to create something that is truly representative of the whole industry. 

Speaking about the magazine, Andy commented, “The idea is to create a printed version combined with a website where we can share and promote industry best practice with input from crowd safety experts from across the globe, covering an international audience.”

“We spoke to lots of people during the conference to see what the levels of interest were like first, and everyone agreed it is something the industry needs.”

“The team has been overwhelmed with the response to the magazine. Sign-up’s have come from businesses, learning institutions, charities and leading industry theorists; enabling us to generate some incredible content. It’s been very exciting watching it all come together.”

What can you expect from The Crowd Magazine?

We anticipate a wide range of readers, from football safety and event managers, through to festival directors, production companies and emergency services personnel. We will be sure to reflect this in the content we produce, providing a platform for everyone to get involved.

We have some great articles in the pipeline, this includes case studies and brilliant topical articles – all with the aim of kick starting conversations. Our social platforms, and our group on Facebook, will become a great place to discuss all things crowd safety – be sure to follow us and get involved.

Want to get involved?

For those who want to be involved, there are many possibilities. We are offering opportunities to provide editorial (at no cost of course!), but also paid advertisements, website listings and online marketing. With such a wide audience, we believe this will be the most sought after platform in the industry.

We have an amazing team of digital marketers and content managers ready to propel the website to the top of the rankings working in conjunction with experts at My Digital Marketing. This ensures our website, SEO, magazine design and social media is all on-point.

Over the next few months we will be speaking to people from across the industry. Whatever you want to share, we want to hear it! From contract wins, to promotions, training news, charity work, best practice and new emerging theory, get in touch with us at and let us know what’s going on.