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The UKCMA release statement about the Manchester Arena inquiry

The United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) have today released a statement regarding the Manchester Arena inquiry. The inquest, which is an independent public inquiry, commenced on the 7th September 2020 and has been implemented to investigate the deaths of 22 people in the 2017 Manchester Arena attack.

In a statement released today, the UKCMA stated:

At the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA), we had provisionally agreed to withhold formal comment on the Manchester Arena Inquiry until its conclusions and recommendations were made. However, it has become evident in recent days that it is necessary.

Whilst we will not comment upon the evidence given, nor provide a running commentary upon the inquiry, it is important that we state our position as an association.

In opening remarks, Sir Jon Saunders outlined the intentions of the inquiry, as follows: “What the inquiry will do is seek out the facts of what happened and why in order to provide a nswers to the families and the survivors and to learn lessons for the future. This is an exercise in establishing the truth and I am keen that everyone should approach the inquiry in that spirit”. He continued: “…. If I conclude on the evidence that things went wrong, then I shall say so. But we are not looking for scapegoats, we are searching for the truth”.

We entirely support these sentiments and we will continue to await the inquiry outcomes and support those in any way we are able to do so. The UKCMA will support any and all consultations regarding enhancements to public and staff safety at events.

We recommend all our members and colleagues to follow the inquiry as closely as possible to learn from its findings as they become apparent, rather than simply wait for its conclusions. There is much already given in evidence from which we can all learn.

We say this knowing that most of our members, like its board, are managing their businesses in extraordinary circumstances, and the inquiry is intensive, harrowing and time consuming to follow.”

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