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The proliferation of drone use in crowd safety and security management

We talked to Andrew McQuillan, Director of Crowded Space Drones, to find out how those responsible for crowded places and event management can protect themselves.

A masterclass in event communications

Four giant marionettes, 1.3 million visitors and a three-day outdoor performance. Where do you begin when it comes to planning an event of this scale?

Heading into the home stretch

Steven A. Adelman, Vice President of the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) discusses the brand new ‘Crowd Management ANSI Standard’

A Scientific approach to welfare

When it comes to employee welfare and people management, there are very few businesses that can compete with FGH. The consistently high standards set by the team have won them a myriad of accolades. Peter Harrison, Managing Director at FGH,…

Read the first edition here!

The first edition of the Crowd Magazine launched in September 2019 and has been incredibly well received. We have had sign-up’s from 22 countries around the World, increased our sign-up rates by 80% and have registered over 14,200 views! Impressive…

C3 is more than an investment in crowd safety and technology

Robust and resilient Command, Control and Communications (C3) arrangements have never been more crucial for major events.

The new psychology of crowd safety management.

The Crowd Magazine spoke in depth to internationally renowned Professor John Drury from The University of Sussex about his latest research into the psychology of crowd safety management.

A letter from the new UKCMA chair, Eric Stuart

It is now four months since I was elected as Chair of the UKCMA. The ten years Mark Harding served as Chair were without doubt some of the most challenging in crowd management as we moved from worrying about crowds…

Welcome to The Crowd Magazine

When you go looking for a source of news and information on the International crowd safety industry – you may draw a blank. You’ll certainly find regional websites, sites dedicated to specific areas of crowd safety, or sites which are…