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On The Frontline Texperience
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On The Frontline: Texperience

Thakaidzwa Doran, Managing Director at Texperience, explains to The Crowd Magazine how his business played an integral role in maintaining crowd safety at the largest supermarket on Curaçao….

As with many countries around the world, Curaçao has had to adapt to a “new normal” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing rules have been installed by the government, whilst businesses across the island are having to put measures in place to enforce this in order to continue trading.

Mangusa Hypermarket, which is the biggest supermarket on the island of Curaçao, called upon Texperience’s expertise in order to help them deliver an efficient, effective crowd management solution. Our team consulted with the client at the beginning of the project, understanding their requirements and analysing the lay-out of the store. Work then began on the design of a system that would allow us to manage people in a safe manner without negatively impacting the customer experience.

“It was really rewarding to see people across all areas recognise the value of our work and provide positive feedback.”

Thakaidzwa Doran, Managing Director at Texperience

We were able to present to the client a comprehensive solution that began with the creation of a safe ingress flow taking into account the two-metre rule. This was defined via taping on the ground and through clear signage where appropriate. We also strategised the location of our personnel in areas along the ingress where customers may need further communication. Of course, the severity of the pandemic required a lot of focus on making the supermarket Covid-secure, but we were careful not to neglect other safety risks such as protocols for an emergency exit. 

What made the project so special is that the science of crowd management is not well known across the island, so the Texperience team had an important part to play from an educational view point, as well as managing the customers. It was really rewarding to see people across all areas recognise the value of our work and provide positive feedback. We were able to make the supermarket staff feel at ease and safer in performing their roles as they saw the difference in crowd flow following the introduction of our measures. Furthermore, the customers also valued our service, applauding the implementation of social distancing, signage, hand-sanitiser and cleaning of trolleys prior to entering the building.

Ultimately, we were able to meet the clients expectations and ensure their venue was fully compliant with social distancing rules, enabling the business to continue playing an integral role in the community.

Thakaidzwa Doran, Managing Director at Texperience

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