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On the Frontline Covid-19 Feature by the Crowd Magazine with Fire Safety & Rescue in London
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On The Frontline: Safety Fire & Rescue Solutions

Welcome to the fourth article from The Crowd Magazine’s “On The Frontline” series. Paul Unsworth from Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions talks about how the company supported key power generation sites during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown….

Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions are often seen on the frontline of major events, festivals and motorsports across the United Kingdom. We’ve served a number of prestigious events including the iconic Isle of Man TT. Our staff are on-hand to support any emergency incidents as they occur, providing fire safety services where needed. When not out in the field, we’re busy providing training and consultancy services to businesses of all sizes. 

Our business model is to provide practical and compliant solutions that protect people, business assets and reputations. Like many businesses, the prospects for 2020 went from being our busiest on record to becoming the biggest character building exercise we have ever experienced. 95% of our work was immediately cancelled. So what were the positives, if any? 

Strength – not weakness – was our immediate focus. We have years of experience to draw upon, including delivering training and the development of safety and risk management systems. We’ve also managed risks for clients including local authorities, charities and the emergency services. We quickly reviewed what we could offer and where it could best benefit the fight against Covid-19. 

“Within days, Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions had team members deployed to provide firefighter resilience against Covid-19.”

Paul Unsworth, Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions

Even with £10 million insurance cover in place and firefighting plant and equipment at the ready, the challenge that was presented was not immediately the question of business. We have a pragmatic team of highly qualified and experienced firefighters, first responders and safety risk management professionals. It simply wasn’t an option that the skills and abilities of our staff were to go to waste in times of national emergency.

Within days, Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions had team members deployed to provide firefighter resilience against Covid-19 on COMAH sites across the country; including a nuclear power station and one of Europe’s most advanced power plants. We were there to help ensure that energy production could continue to be provided across communities within the safety cases framework for emergency management and response. 

Our teams work within social distancing requirements and still continue their own training and development. Above all, we are very much looking forward to supporting many of our clients and friends with events fire safety and risk management in 2021, always ensuring safety with a smile. 

Paul Unsworth, Operations Manager at Safety Fire Rescue & Solutions Limited

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