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Red Badge New Zealand - The Crowd magazine, on the frontline Covid-19 feature
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On The Frontline: Red Badge Group

Andy Gollings, CEO at Red Badge Security, informs The Crowd Magazine on the actions they’ve taken to support businesses across New Zealand throughout the pandemic….

For the past 22 years, Red Badge Group have successfully delivered event security for a diverse portfolio of clients in New Zealand. Our focus around striving to provide the very best in customer service has led us to work with a host of venues, promoters and leading organisations across the country. Throughout our history, we’ve continuously developed and refined our systems and processes, creating a specialist training division in the process. This has enabled us to provide industry-leading training for our Security Guards and Crowd Safety Managers. Alongside our customer service and professionalism, this has led to recognition across New Zealand’s event industry.

Red Badge Security New Zealand

Yet the arrival of Covid-19 saw the entire sector come to a grinding halt as New Zealand went into lockdown on Wednesday 25th March 2020. Overnight, our events division had no work. Across the country, essential service providers including supermarkets and retirement villages were scrambling for help to manage social distancing; all while government safety guidelines were being met. Many of these businesses turned to Red Badge for support. We quickly re-mobilised our event security team and repurposed their training for non-event roles, deploying thousands of members of staff across New Zealand in the process.

Our team are all trained in crowd management and customer service which enabled them to provide the empathy and reassurance needed to members of the public adjusting to life under what were some very difficult conditions. An understanding, engaged yet professional approach was welcomed throughout the locations we served across the country, with customers and members of the public thanking us for being friendly, helpful and respectful in our manner. It’s clear that a focus on customer engagement was central to receiving such a positive response.

Andy Gollings, CEO at Red Badge Group Limited

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