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On The Frontline Phoenix Events East
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On The Frontline: Phoenix Events East

Adam Harding from Phoenix Events East Limited describes to The Crowd Magazine how the company have positioned themselves to come out of the pandemic stronger than before….

As a new name in the events industry, 2020 was always going to be tough. Phoenix Events East recently celebrated our second birthday in May. They say the second year is the one that makes or breaks any new business, therefore it was always going to be important to make our mark. With over 150 events in the calendar, further opportunities inbound and prime dates booked such as the May bank holiday weekend, it was looking promising.

Then Covid-19 took hold. Like many businesses in the sector, our scheduled events started to drop in numbers as the severity of the pandemic became more apparent. The uncertainty surrounding the industry meant the phone did not stop, with a gradual increase of organisers postponing or cancelling their events as the weeks and months passed. 

So how do you react to such an unprecedented situation? Here at Phoenix Events East, we’ve taken the positive stance that we would not be beaten and that we would utilise the time we have been given to come back bigger and better once business resumes. Our focus has remained on the sites we support, temperature checking factory staff, managing a one-way system and ensuring compliance with sanitary procedures upon entry into the building. We’ve also been protecting high-value premises, especially in light of Covid-19 when many companies have had the delivery of stock that will not be quickly sold on. Furthermore, the team have played an integral role in the launch of a one-way system for a local market in order to enable traders to return to business whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

In addition, a substantial amount of time has been invested in working with organisers of some new, exciting events planned for next year. All of our staff have also been inducted in “extra stay” training and the hidden disabilities scheme. Our ethos is to stay positive and keep working hard, maintaining regular contact with our staff and customers. By working together, this has gone a long way to helping each other to make the best out of the current situation. The main thing is that everyone remains safe and well. Whilst we love the event season and meeting all of our fantastic customers, we know we will be back again very soon.

Adam Harding, Director at Phoenix Events (East) Limited

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