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Newman Event Services - Security Event Services in the UK - Covid-19 On the Frontline Feature
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On The Frontline: Newman Event Services

In the first of a series of articles from July’s special edition of The Crowd Magazine, Dean Newman at Newman Event Services talks us through how the business has adapted in light of Covid-19…..

It’s been an unprecedented period of uncertainty following the arrival of Covid-19 and, like many other companies within the events and security sectors, Newman Event Services have had to remain fluid in our approach to work. Amidst an ever-changing situation, we’ve placed the utmost importance on providing our customers with a consistent, reliable and personable service. It’s this approach that has continued to stand the company in good stead as we support our clients across a diverse range of industries, including the National Health Service.

Over the last couple of months, our work has diversified significantly as we’ve adapted and re-positioned our business to support customers throughout the pandemic. Whether it be government authorities and private schools to hospitals, SMEs and large organisations; all have called upon us to provide some form of assistance. For example, we recently worked with a County Council on their rough-sleepers programme, helping the vulnerable to move into three hotels allocated for their use during the lockdown period. Our presence provided security and reassurance for all of the residents.

As the spotlight turned on overcrowding in the nation’s green spaces and seaside resorts, we’d already partnered closely with a town council to avoid similar scenes in their local park. The area, which was previously closed at the beginning of lockdown, was recently reopened under the management of council staff. However, they quickly identified the need for a partner to step in over the weekend and Newman Event Services were subsequently approached. The brief was to maintain social distancing and ensure that no groups gathered. We set up a consultation meeting with the authority, providing advice on entrances, path layouts, signage and manned security.

During the meeting we devised a response planning strategy and discussed a series of “what if” scenarios. Subsequent actions were then agreed. An immediate area of concern for the client had been the popular skatepark with a capacity of up to eight people at a time; we therefore created and managed a queuing system, solving this problem.

The National Health Service has worked incredibly hard to save lives throughout the pandemic and we’re proud to support them. We currently provide a number of security services in various hospitals including consultation on security arrangements. This has also involved training and educating staff on the importance of security systems.

There may well be difficult times ahead for all involved in the sector. So, how can the industry weather the storm? In our experience, a service-focused approach is imperative to delivering high-quality performance and customer satisfaction. Providing the client with added value is critical in retaining strong relationships and future business. We seek to go above and beyond expectations, providing a personalised service whereby we liaise with each client, walking around their site to gain a better understanding and identify potential areas of weakness. Furthermore, we also build depth into each customer’s plan, so that if one member of staff is ill, another one who knows the client and location can seamlessly step in. Substantial investment has gone into a comprehensive reporting system, enabling us to create daily site and incident reports tailored to our customers requirement. 

It’s our attention to customer engagement that has helped Newman Event Services develop a very positive reputation with clients across multiple sectors, including council authorities and police forces. We firmly believe a customer-centric approach is in the best interest of everybody in the industry.

Dean Newman, Managing Director at Newman Event Services