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Mobile Mental Health Service across the UK from featured in The Crowd magazine
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Mobile Mental Health Support Unit

Former bodyguard and best-selling author Robin Barratt has launched a pioneering mobile mental health support service.

The ex-doorman, who has achieved success with a number of literary works including Doing the Doors and Confessions of a Doorman, has set-up the new scheme to cover events across the whole of the United Kingdom. The service will provide on-site mental health first aid and support for a wide range of events including concerts, festivals, sporting fixtures and community events.

“Almost every public event has medical first aid and support, but I haven’t seen one anywhere that caters for mental health. Not one, yet one in four people suffer a mental health issue over the course of a year. Most events still seem to neglect supporting this, but they should” said Robin, upon introducing the service. 

“Mental health and supporting people with mental health issues is very important now, especially with the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected many people on a deeply emotional and traumatic level. Sometimes quite profoundly.”

Alongside his career as an author, Robin is a passionate advocate for mental health and began training in the subject three years ago. He has successfully achieved certification in a number of areas including Counselling Skills, Bereavement and Loss Support, Relationship Psychology and Understanding PTSD. He aims to have a mental health support unit present at every public event, so that people can speak to a specialist about any challenges or difficulties they may be facing in their lives.

The philosophy of the service is based on support through experience, which for Robin and his team is extremely important, as many people may not recognise the symptoms of depression if they have never had it before. His staff are all highly-trained mental health professionals who are able to call on their own experience and knowledge to guide those who require help along the path to recovery. 

The Mobile Mental Health Support Service will be on-hand to provide an independent, non-judgemental active listening and mental health support service; somewhere people can simply talk over their problems. They’re also able to offer a wealth of information on different charities, support groups and online resources where they can go for further help and advice.

Robin added, “I hope that when things finally get back to normal, events of all sizes whether a small community fête or a four-day, 24/7 music festival, can invest just a little bit of their operational budget to provide on-site mental health support for anyone feeling upset, troubled or overwhelmed. It doesn’t cost much, but really can change people’s lives”.