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Read the first edition here!

The first edition of the Crowd Magazine launched in September 2019 and has been incredibly well received.

We have had sign-up’s from 22 countries around the World, increased our sign-up rates by 80% and have registered over 14,200 views! Impressive stats for the first edition.

First Edition of the Crowd Magazine, contents page.

You can read the first edition of the crowd magazine right here, for FREE.

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An App for the Crowd Magazine is set to launch very soon – providing an up-to-date Global resource for all crowd management and security professionals.

We aim to always provide a completely FREE publication with the primary aim of sharing best practice, industry knowledge and insight – always with an eye on quality. The magazine also provides businesses with a Global platform to advertise for minimal expense.

Do you have an idea for the publication? Perhaps you have an article you wish to share? Please get in touch with our Editor and we will happily discuss any suggestions you may have.