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Life without crowds by Controlled Events | The Crowd Magazine
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Controlled Events: Life with No Crowds

With no crowds, silent radio channels and vacant control rooms, Controlled Events faced a daunting challenge. As for many companies across the industry, the arrival of Covid-19 has brought unprecedented circumstances. Plans have been changed, resources redistributed and diversification strategies rapidly deployed.

The London-based business had to adjust quickly, selling assets such as their vehicle fleet and satellite dishes which they judged would stand dormant for a year or so. In addition, they also had to pivot the use of their ECR Manager log platform. The software is currently supporting four cities, one coastal local authority and a manufacturing firm in the management of key information. This includes the tracking of their Covid staff and provision of alerts to furloughed employees, on-site personnel and stakeholders.

“We have been more fortunate than many event suppliers” commented Rob Walley, Founder of Controlled Events. “We have been working hard to nurture our contacts and supply chain, sharing work wherever we can and planning for the recovery.”

With the ongoing challenges for the events sector, Controlled Events has had to apply plenty of resilience into their planning. They’ve collaborated with Logical Safety Solutions Ltd to develop safe and Covid-secure reopening plans for organisations daunted by the amount of guidance, processes and pitfalls that accompany reopening a business in the current climate.

Alan Tungate, Owner and Director of Logical Safety Solutions Ltd explained, “We’re unsure whether it is the impending furlough changes or the slow diminishing of hope for an immediate fix but ourselves at Logical Safety Solutions, alongside Controlled Events, are seeing an increased demand for Covid reopening plans, risk assessments and health and safety policy reviews. Business owners – recognising the need for team collaboration, the restarting of projects and caring for the general mental health of their workforce – seem to have accepted ‘the new norm’. With local variances and rapidly changing guidance, businesses are recognising the need for specialist services such as our partnership”.

The next few weeks will see both companies engaged in the delivery of world-class events. The team feels that the intense work contributed by all parties will be worth it if public confidence in their services can be built.